Using Shadows in Your Landscape Lighting Design

When designing the ideal landscape lighting for your home, you likely first think about the light. The fixtures, the placement, the installation. The lights are certainly a key factor but there are several elements of the design that make a lighting system visually appealing and practical for the homeowner. One function of a lighting system that is often overlooked by the homeowner is shadows. Why would I want to focus on the shadows, you may wonder? Well, without light there are no shadows. But without the shadows, it would be an effect similar to broad daylight. A good landscape lighting designer will never recommend installing stadium-style lighting for your residential project. Therefore, finding ways to use shadows to compliment and accentuate your favorite features of your home is the best solution!

Intentionally Casting a Shadow

One technique your lighting designer may recommend is intentionally casting shadows against a background. Some of these canvases may include a stone wall, driveway, paved walkways, and more. To create a crisp shadow against a background, your lighting designer might suggest using a bullet light to point directly at a tree. If this method of lighting is being used, it’s necessary to ensure that no objects wind up between the feature being shadowed and the background wall.

Natural Shadow Imitation

Depending on what features you have surrounding your home on your property, you might notice naturally occurring shadows during the day as the afternoon rolls around. Perhaps there are shadows from the trees and their branches. At night, those shadows are gone. However, the best of the shadows from trees occurring naturally during the day can be mimicked with downlighting. Warm lights will replicate daylight shadows or cooler shadows work for imitating a moonlight effect.

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