Watch your Step: Path Lighting to Prevent Accidents

Living in the Southeast, many homeowners take pride in their spacious lawns with room to navigate between their pool, deck, gazebo, and garden. They’re a great place to relax and also to entertain family and friends. If you frequently host dinner parties in your garden, you might be concerned about the potential hazards and liability of having a guest fall in the dark or winding path between entertainment spaces outside of your home. The best way to protect yourself and your guests while maintaining the usability of each of your outdoor living spaces is to add path lighting.

Selecting the Right Path Lighting Your Property

We’re no strangers to hurricanes or April showers bringing May flowers in the coastal Carolinas. In fact, last year in 2018, Wilmington NC set rainfall records. Knowing this, it’s imperative to be sure that you select fixtures that can stand up to the weather. You can check this by the UL rating found on the fixture. Unless your lights will all be under a sheltered area, they will need to be rated for wet use outdoors, not just damp conditions. You’ll also want to take into consider the direction of your pathway lighting. You can choose to have it shining down from trees or other structures. Or, you might choose to have your path lights shining up from the ground. Others, choose to have the fixtures line the actual path, often times spaced out and alternating to serve as a trail marker as well.

Store-bought Path Lighting Versus Professional Path Lighting

DIY pathing lighting is one of the most common forms of landscape lighting that homeowners think of when they hear the term “landscape lighting.” Why do I need to hire a professional for that, you may wonder? First, if you’ve ever purchased the DIY install solar lights from your local home improvement store, you know how short lived and cheap they tend to be. Whether they’re crunched from poor placement right next to your driveway, or just never turned on currently from the beginning, you will quickly find yourself frustrated taking this route. Another reason to ensure that a professional handles your path lighting project is to be sure to create a serene and elegant design for your lighting. With different lighting techniques, you can be sure that your path lighting will be useful and not an eyesore. There’s nothing worse than path light that resembles an airport runway in a front yard!

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has handled path lighting projects for a variety of spaces, from homes to commercial properties over the past ten years. We pride ourselves in using quality fixtures and expert lighting techniques to create an effective and beautiful lighting system. To get started on your path lighting project today, just click here or give us a call at 910-754-5483.

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