Ways to Relax and Enjoy Your Backyard with Outdoor Lights

Ways to Relax and Enjoy Your Backyard with Outdoor Lights

There is no shortage of stresses in day to day life and creating a relaxing retreat at your home is essential to unwind at the end of each day. Your own backyard is an excellent place to create your own sanctuary where you can relax, retreat and find serenity. Perhaps your space includes calming music, a comfortable lounge chair on the patio, maybe a glass of wine or a pool float. Whatever your choice of surroundings may include, you will need outdoor light to be able to use the space once the sun goes down. Outdoor lights provides peace of mind in several ways.

1. Time To Yourself

Tranquil warm lighting is the perfect start to relaxation after a long day at work. Very similarly to the crackle of the fire as you stare at the flames in your firepit or the candle flickering next to your bubble bath, the warm light from your outdoor lighting system will set the atmosphere appropriately to unwind. Soft lighting aimed at relaxing in restaurants can be compared to warm outdoor lights on a patio. The appropriate outdoor lights can provide a slew of mental health benefits as you design your own personal retreat.

2. Time to Entertain with Friends or Family

The perfect place to entertain is your own backyard. Outdoor lights help you get out from the front of the TV and in the fresh air to build new memories together, regardless of the time. Dinner on the patio, catching a late-night swim. Playing cornhole and enjoying drinks. Rid yourselves of cabin fever from too much time inside. A change of scenery and spending time outdoors to unwind with those you love for the evening is the perfect solution.

3. Peace of Mind from Security

It’s no secret outdoor security lighting prevents and deters thieves from entering a home’s property. Relax and feel confident that if anyone was to enter your property, they will be in clear view. Not only do outdoor lights provide security but they also provide safety by decreasing fall and accidents on your grounds.

4. Stargazing Spot

Designate a darker area of your yard for stargazing by minimizing artificial light. Install a switch to turn off surrounding lights or use shielded path lights to keep the area dim. Add a few reclining chairs or a large blanket, along with some warm throws and pillows for comfort. Keep a telescope or a pair of binoculars nearby to enhance the experience, inviting you to explore the night sky from the comfort of your backyard.

5. Outdoor Cinema

Bring the magic of the movies to your backyard by setting up a projector and a screen against a blank wall or a suspended sheet. Use soft, outdoor lights to provide a gentle glow without creating a glare on the screen. Add some outdoor bean bags, chairs, and blankets for seating, and a portable speaker for good quality audio. With your personal outdoor cinema, every night can be a movie night under the stars.

6. Mood Lighting for Yoga or Meditation

Install dimmable outdoor lights or lanterns in a secluded part of your yard to create a tranquil space for yoga or meditation. Opt for outdoor lights with adjustable color temperatures; warmer tones for relaxation and cooler tones for concentration. Adding a few scented outdoor candles can further enhance the ambiance, making it a sanctuary for your morning stretches or evening meditation sessions.

7. Themed Outdoor Lighting Events

Tailor your outdoor lights to fit themed events to provide immersive experiences for your guests. For a tropical luau, opt for tiki torches and string lights with warm, amber bulbs. For a winter wonderland, choose lights in cool tones and incorporate some twinkling icicle lights. Themed lighting not only sets the mood but also shows the versatility of your outdoor space, making every event unique and memorable.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has been designing and installing outdoor lights for over 10 years. The mental health benefits that come from landscape lighting can’t have a price tag placed on them. Create an outdoor sanctuary that you can relax in even after the sun goes down. Give us a call at 910-754-5483 to get started on your project today!

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