What to Expect From an Experienced Professional Lighting Designer Versus a Rookie

Ever.heard the expression, “I’m rooting for the rookie?” Many want the underdog to win when it comes to sports and everyday life experiences. This should NOT be the case when it comes to working with a home service professional. While it’s always nice to support a new small business, it’s important to make sure that you are choosing a credentialed professional with experience before hiring someone to complete work on your home! Prestige Outdoor Lighting has been serving our local communities of Wilmington NC and Myrtle Beach SC as well as surrounding areas for over 11 years!

Qualities of an Experienced Lighting Designer

When you hire Prestige Outdoor Lighting or another experienced lighting designer in your own area, you can expect quality lighting fixtures that come warrantied. Our team will be sure your experience is pain free as we show up on time, are prompt, responsive, and professional in our interactions with you. An experienced lighting designer will enhance the architectural appeal, value, and safety of your home. Our installation will hide wires and any trace of our installation to maintain your gorgeous landscape.

Potential Risks of a Rookie Lighting Designer

You run the risk when hiring a rookie lighting designer that they are learning and making mistakes for the first time on your home. A rookie lighting designer might be trying to win your money with the cheapest bid and skimp on the fixtures they install. How will this impact you in the long run? Cheap lighting fixtures often come without warranty and require frequent maintenance and replacement. The lighting for your home may be unbalanced or even take away from the beauty and atmosphere that you’ve worked hard to create in your landscape. Many rookie lighting designers are just starting their business and do not have someone to handle the marketing, the office management, installation. When doing it all themselves, it may be very difficult to get someone to follow up with you when you have questions or concerns. A rookie or inexperienced lighting designer and installation company may leave exposed wires or disrupt your landscape. While some rookies do a great job, they have often not worked through mistakes to learn from them. Do you want your home to be a seamless project or a learning experience?

The best part of hiring Prestige Outdoor Lighting is being left with peace of mind! Knowing that your lighting system was designed and installed correctly the first time prevents you from having to worry about what’s around the corner. If there are any issues with your lighting system, we stand ready to assist with maintenance and repairs. If you’re ready to get started on your free lighting consult, give us a call at 910-754-5483 or click here.

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