What To Know About Patio or Café Bistro Lights

Patio or cafe bistro lights are all the rage these days. They fill up our Pinterest newsfeed and we’ve noticed that they’re filling yours as well. There’s much more to effective patio lighting than hanging a strand of Christmas lights that you found in the clearance rack the first week of January. Two important factors to consider are the design and appeal of the patio lights as well as the product used.

Design of Patio Lights

Creating your ideal look in your patio space is probably the first factor that comes to mind when thinking about your project and understandably so! Your home is where you spend your down time and some of your most precious memories will be created in your outdoor living space. For a classy and elegant appearance, consistency is key. Height and spacing are two key factors to consider in the lighting design. This can often mean some customization. Don’t worry, the time and money is worth the reward when it comes to the appearance of your lighting! Outdoor lighting sets the mood for your evening. Cafe lights are certainly no exception to this!

Choosing The Correct Product

Christmas lights are not a year round solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Not only is the appearance wrong for annual lighting, the product is not durable enough. Commercial grade strands need to be used. These are equipped with UV protection and thicker wire. What type of bulb do you need? We can help with your selection for this as well. Typically, we recommend LED lamps as they are the standard in our industry and are more energy-efficient. You’ll also want to take into consideration how you are suspending your lights. Weather can play a big role in the strain on patio lighting. This is especially true along the coast, where we experience hurricane season with full force annually. We have recommendations and products available for this as well.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting handles a variety of outdoor lighting projects from large to small, residential to commercial. We have a variety of solutions for your outdoor living space, including cafe bistro lighting. Contact us today for your free consultation.


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