Will I Attract More Bugs By Adding LED Lights?

Why do bugs come out at night when my porch lights come on? How can I keep bugs away from my property to enjoy my time outdoors? Won’t more lights increase the bugs around my home’s outdoor space? We understand that living by the coast and in the South comes with hesitations when it comes to insects. Insects are common in our area, especially in the warmer months. We’re here to help you understand how landscape lighting and bugs can impact your property!

Alternatives to LED Lighting

Today’s standard of landscape lighting typically includes LED lights. It’s not difficult to understand where the myth of landscape lighting causing more bugs comes from. Previous alternatives such as halogen lights and incandescent bulbs waste up to 90% of energy putting off heat. Some bugs have thermal receptors, causing them to crowd around a light fixture. You may have noticed this on your front porch light previously. Some homeowners may be understandably concerned that this could cause an excess of bugs around their property with various new light fixtures. LED light fixtures utilized by our team at Prestige Outdoor Lighting produce minimal heat, making them nearly invisible to these bugs with thermal sensors.

What to Expect From LED Lights

There is no guarantee that you will have no bugs when installing LED lights. This is because you can expect to see more bugs in the evening in general due to them using different light wavelengths to navigate. However, rest assured that LED lights should not be causing more bugs to flock to your home and your outdoor living space. Thinking about making the switch from your old halogen lights to more energy-efficient LED lighting?

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