Is Your Outdoor Lighting System Ready to Weather the Storm?

Have you ever heard of an IP rating in relation to your landscape lighting system? If you live in the southeast this is something you want to take seriously as our lighting systems can often be on the receiving end of harsh weather conditions, particularly in hurricane season. Obviously, protecting anything you have outdoors is priority and there are factors like wind, rain, sun, and even snow at times here in North Carolina to worry about.


“IP” stands for ingress protection and describes sealing efficiency in the electrical world. Why is this important for you? Because they let you know how weatherproof and waterproof your landscape lighting is! How do you read it? There are two numbers. The bigger the better in this case because higher numbers mean higher protection.

Working with a professional lighting designer is imperative. Not only can your lighting designer help you choose materials that are of high quality and have an appropriate “IP” score, they also are there for you once the storm passes. Many homeowners along the coastline start preparing their homes for the dreaded hurricane season in early Spring and Fall. Consider having a professional review any landscape lighting you may have installed and ensure you have the best quality materials and design in place so that your landscape lighting is ready to weather the storm.

Prestige Outdoor Lighting has been servicing clients with high quality landscape lighting system for years. Not only does our team know how to design and install quality systems, they are prepared for any scenario that may come related to your lighting system when hurricane season comes around. Stay tuned to our blog for more advice on preparing your lighting system for the weather! For your free consult on landscape lighting or to schedule maintenance on your system, give us a call at 910-754-5483.

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